AKA I’m Wearing All The Hats

Retrospective on “Forever”.

Over the years I’ve shot my fair share of music videos. Ranging from my work with Senorwooly and on the other end of spectrum my work with Endiskize. Despite having shot numerous music videos I’ve never directed one. To be fair though, up until recently (and the time of writing this — 05/04/2021), I really have only directed 3 things in last decade.

After my short, “The Alexis Project”, I decided the next thing I directed that there was no point in not officially fully directing/dping whatever I did next. I figured if it…

AKA Misc Self Reflection and Deep Thoughts

Roughly two months ago (01/01/2021) I wrote about some thoughts I had been having as it related to this production. Had I not deleted it it would have been the post prior to this one. I deleted the post because quite frankly it came off as whiny, arrogant, pretentious, and holier than thou. While my feelings in it still hold true I didn’t like how I portrayed them, nor did I want posts like that in this series.

I will not be rewriting or re releasing that post. While parts of it will come out in one way or another…

AKA Final Final Thoughts

“The Alexis Project” YouTube Thumbnail.
“The Alexis Project” YouTube Thumbnail.
The Alexis Project” YouTube Thumbnail.

The Alexis Project (Spoilers!)” didn’t make the top twenty in the Film Riot Make Film Challenge. Although I’ve actually written a decent amount about it (here and here) I’m going to write one more blog post about it unless something crazy/out of left field happens. I may in a few years pursue making it as a feature film but thats a later problem.


Before I really get into it I need to write a bit of a preface as the “contest” I made it for now unfortunately is shrouded in controversy. Originally the Film Riot Make…

AKA Setting Expectations.

As I mentioned before, my next film is going to be “The Alexis Project”. I actually wrote most of a whole other blog post detailing pre/production of the project but for a lot of reasons —mainly it calls people out and the blog is just not that interesting — I’m not going to publish it. Besides, quite frankly, despite issues that I’ll get into in this piece, the film is really good. Airing the “dirty laundry” behind it’s pre/production doesn’t do anyone any good.

Instead I’d rather write a more self reflective piece. Before we get into…

AKA Feedback Round 2 Go!

This is going to be a really short one. On 09/29/2020 I emailed Filmaka, sending them the revised scripts they had asked for.

Originally we were going to do a final writers meeting but we were all busy and no one had any feedback on the scripts (after our last bought of changes) so we agreed to submit the updated scripts without a (maybe?) final writers meeting via FaceTime.

AKA Guess I’m making a proof of concept.

So a bit ago I wrote I wasn’t sure what I wanted to make. I had originally wanted to do something small and contained. Well somehow I’m doing something — not quite the opposite — but not really as small as I wanted.

I decided to make a trailer/proof of concept for Filmriot’s Make Film Challenge. Instead of a (max) 4 person, 1–2 actor, 1 day shoot, somehow I landed on a 9 (total) person, with 3 actors, 1 in heavy make up, 2 day shoot. I’m really proud of the script…

AKA Rewrites


So it’s been a bit since my last update. Sean,Mike, and myself had an initial meeting to go over Filmaka’s feedback on 08/26/19. Then, roughly 3 weeks from that day, and about a month since I spoke with Filmaka (08/21/2020) we met again. We tried to meet earlier but things kept coming up, it happens.

We wound up meeting on 09/14/2020, a Monday, not our usual Wendsday. The meeting went really well. I wasn’t expecting to get much done other than deciding what changes we would make. …

AKA Studio Notes


Getting notes from a studio is a little strange. I’ve written about getting notes in general before here but notes from a studio feels different. I’m not sure if they feel more urgent but each note defiantly feels like you should act upon it where a note from the public can be ignored if you wanted to. Maybe I’m used to it, maybe I was just happy to get feedback and solid plan in place for moving forward, or maybe it was because these notes where coming from up high but these notes didn’t really hurt. …

AKA What am I making?

Update On The New Project
Update On The New Project

So 24 days ago I wrote that Reaper, Inc. is on hold till an unknown date and 4 days after I wrote that I wrote that I wanted to make something in the interim.

Reaper, Inc. from a production stand point is still very much on hold. There are however some rewrites that we need to do. Rewrites aside I still do want to make something.

However, as I said before, I’m tapped out writing wise. That still holds to be true. Everything I’ve tried to write recently has either been a derivative of Reaper…

AKA We’re Back. Kind of.

So a bit ago, 24 days to be exact (07/30/2020), I wrote we were on hold for an unknown amount of time. On August 4th 2020, 19 days ago, I wrote a new blog about wanting to make something else in the interm. I wound up speaking with Filmaka on August 21st 2020 about feedback and moving forward.

Quite frankly their feedback was very positive and largely not a big deal. The big thing was that they wanted to wait to seriously start producing Reaper, Inc. until Covid clears up/we get a vaccine.

I’m okay…

Jeremy Applebaum

Filmaker, Writer, Programmer

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